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When you are facing a familiar problem, but the remedies and quick fixes you have used in the past simply aren't getting the job done, that can be a scary and overwhelming situation. Perhaps you have a child with ADHD who just can't seem to overcome various behavioral issues. Maybe you are just unsure of how to deal with the recurring arguments that seem to be plaguing your family or marriage. You may have even just grown weary of feeling sad or discouraged when there doesn't seem to be a reasonable cause for these emotions.

Licensed Professional Counselor Cleveland Ray, located in Lewes, DE, is here to help. By using a solution-focused approach, he will work with you to attempt to resolve and alleviate any challenges you may be facing. His passion lies in caring for each individual and creating differences that lead to a lasting happiness and acceptance. The counseling provided by Cleveland Ray can help you through virtually any situation, offering everything from anger management counseling to providing help with depression and anxiety. Whether it be an individual, a couple, or a family, he will utilize a variety of therapeutic styles and techniques tailored specifically for each and every client.

If you are struggling to navigate through a difficult set of circumstances, take responsibility to change your situation by seeking therapy today. Give him a call today and discover the benefits of having a counselor in your corner.


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  • Cleveland Ray Believes in Caring for the Individual!
  • He Provides Therapy and Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families!
  • His Counseling is Tailored to Each Individual!

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